Building block 3:

Activating metabolism by exercise and an acid-base-diet

For the Basica® Energy Diet to be successful, it should really pep the metabolism up. The right amount of exercise is essential. A brisk walk, cycling or hiking are ideal for stimulating the metabolism. Working up a sweat every now and then is good for the circulation.

You can gain more enjoyment from exercise with an acid-base diet. This not only helps with reaching the ideal weight for sporting activities, but also activates the metabolism. Not only is the calorie supply reduced during an acid-base –diet, but also alkaline mineral compounds are supplied. The body especially needs such compounds during a base diet, since more acid develops (so-called keto acids) during the degradation of fat. Too much acid can decrease the degradation of fat and body weight is not reduced at all or only very slowly. Many alkaline mineral compounds and micronutrients are supplied in the acid-base diet. You can support your acid-base diet with the intake of Basica® and thus also increase the proportion of alkaline mineral compounds ingested.

The following tips help you to activate your metabolism:


  • Drink at least 2 litres of mineral water, unsweetened fruit spritzers or fruit or herb tea per day if you need a change. A high fluid intake is necessary as this makes it easier to flush out excess acid through the kidneys.
  • Try to relax consciously on a daily basis. Permanent stress burdens the metabolism and promotes surplus acid. Breathing exercises, yoga or a relaxing bath help to reduce the daily stress.
  • Take your time while eating as satiety will only be recognized after a good quarter of an hour. This prevents you from eating too much and you also learn to enjoy your food more consciously.
  • Prepare yourself a small daily portion of fruit and vegetables. This enables you to avoid unhealthy snacks when you are feeling hungry.

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