Building block 1:

How the switch to an alkaline diet succeeds

An essential part of the Basica® Energy Diet is the alkaline diet. In order to secure the lasting success of the Basica® Energy Diet, it is important that the daily diet has an alkaline surplus. The guideline here is: half of the food on the plate should be salad, fruit and vegetables. This also includes fruit juices and dried fruit.

Should it not be possible for you to eat an adequate amount of alkaline food with each meal, then it makes sense to additionally take Basica®, that provides you with alkaline minerals. This enables your body to neutralise the excess acid and restabilise the acid-base balance. Basica is available in various dosage forms: Basica Compact® as practical tablets, Basica Direkt® as micro-pearls for direct intake or Basica Instant® as a soluble orange flavoured drinking powder. None of these three Basica® products contain lactose or gluten. Acid-forming food has to be reduced with an alkaline diet. It is not necessary to avoid all acidic food. All food that is rich in proteins is acid-forming: meat, fish, cold meats, cheese, bread and bakery products. After all, proteins consist of amino acids that include sulphur and phosphate and therefore produce acid when metabolized.

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