Basica® Energy Diet

A base diet helps the body to neutralise and provides an even acid-base balance. With the Basica® Energy Diet, you gain plenty of alkaline mineral compounds and thereby neutralise your body. The micronutrients in an energy diet with Basica® activate the energy metabolism. Both are essential conditions for vitality and performance.


  • Zinc is involved in balanced acid-base management and is important for mental agility
  • Magnesium helps to reduce tiredness and exhaustion
  • Calcium and magnesium support energy metabolism


The Basica® Energy Diet: Neutralise sensibly with a base diet lasting several weeks

Nutritionists recommend an alkaline cure for a time period (2-3 months). This results in deacidification of the body and therefore stabilizes the acid-base balance.

The Basica® Energy Diet: The base diet in 3 steps

The Basica® Energy Diet: the alkaline cure in three steps

  1. How to succeed with switching to an alkaline diet
  2. Deacidifying the body with Basica®
  3. Activating the metabolism with movement and diet




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