Acidosis of the body can cause stress and reduce our feeling of well-being

Do you sometimes feel tired, nerveless and unbalanced? The reason could be an acidosis of the body.

Factors leading to acidosis of the body

The causes of acidosis of the body include not only physical and emotional strains plus hectic periods of time and stress, but also our nutrition. According to current nutritionist findings, contemporary nutrition can cause acidosis: the excessive consumption of meat, sausage, cheese and bakery products and, at the same time, too little alkaline foodstuffs such as fruit or vegetables. The body needs alkaline mineral compounds, which are mainly contained in fruit and vegetables, to degrade an acidosis of the body.

These can be indications of acidosis of the body

  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Increased sensitivity to stress
  • Decreasing concentration
  • Muscle and joint ailments
  • Transformations of skin, hair and nails

Basica® can reduce acidosis of the body

An even acid-base balance and a functioning energy metabolism are important conditions for vitality and performance. The combination of alkaline mineral compounds and important micronutrients in Basica® can reduce acidosis of the body and activate energy metabolism. Alkaline mineral compounds in terms of organic mineral compounds, as they appear in fruit and vegetables, are optimally available to treat acidosis of the body. Special mineral compounds and micronutrients in Basica® aid the reduction of exhaustion and fatigue and the support of intellectual abilities.

You gain plenty of alkaline mineral compounds and micronutrients with the Basica® Energy Diet and thereby liberate your body from acidosis. Nutritionists recommend the diet for a longer period of time (6 – 8 weeks) until the excess acid is neutralised and the acid-base balance is once again stable.

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