Basica® and its history

Ragnar Berg

The Swedish nutritionist Ragnar Berg recognised the importance of an even acid-base balance for human health as early as the 1920s. He was one of the first systematically to analyse the content of alkaline mineral compounds in foodstuffs. As Director of the Nutritional-physiological Laboratory of the Hospital Johannesstadt in Dresden, he researched the intake and excretion of alkaline mineral compounds of patients. He made conclusions about disorders of metabolism and malnutrition from the determined mineral compound balances. He discovered that a healthy nutrition has to have an excess of bases, i.e. mainly consist of fruit, vegetables and salad. In 1920, Ragnar Berg published the book “Die Nahrungs- und Genussmittel” (Foodstuffs and Stimulants), which was regarded as a standard work in nutritional science for many years He was one of the first to summarise, in his book, the mineral content of foodstuffs. His fundamental research led to the use of alkaline mineral compound compositions as an accompanying therapy for a multitude of illnesses. Since then, the reconciliation of the acid-base balance has belonged to the basic therapy in naturopathy.

The history of Basica®

Ragnar Berg contributed his physiological knowledge to the development of Basica®, the mineral and trace element preparation, whereas Dr. Volkmar Klopfer, the founder of the Dr. Klopfer chemical factory in Dresden, contributed his experience in the processing of minerals. In the following advertisement from 1926, Basica® is described as “a mineral preparation according to the principles of Ragnar Berg", which contains minerals from vegetables and fruits and "causes the alcalescence and mineralisation of body fluids because of its composition". The first references to Basica® that are still accessible in the medical literature come from 1929. Thus, for example, Basica® was recommended in a special imprint of the weekly medical magazine 'Die Medizinische Welt' for the alcalescence of the urine. The development of Basica® was an important milestone, even back then – and because of the consistent adaptation to up-to-date nutritional-physiological findings and the continuous demand-oriented expansion of the pharmaceutical forms, the brand Basica® is – even 80 years after its foundation – the market leader.

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