An overacidified body and its causes

Nutrition and an overacidified body

In order to find the causes of an acidosis, the most important thing is to examine nutrition carefully. Foodstuffs with animal protein (meat, fish, dairy products) are particular causes of acidosis. An overacidified body mainly develops when a great deal of grain products (mainly bread) and few fresh fruit and vegetables and salad are consumed.

Hence, the cause of acidosis is that too many acid-producing foodstuffs are consumed, i.e. those that contain high amounts of protein. Protein contains sulphur and phosphorous, which are degraded to sulphuric acid and phosphoric acid. An overacidified body is the consequence. Such acids are neutralised by the buffer systems in the body – but only if an overacidified body obtains enough alkaline mineral compounds through nutrition or an alkaline dietary supplement. You can find out which foodstuffs might be the cause of acidosis by using our acid-base-calculator.

Acidic in taste – can an overacidified body be the consequence?

It is often assumed that foodstuffs that taste acidic are also acid-producing. This is by no means the case. On the contrary, fruit that tastes acidic, such as citrus fruit, contains plenty of alkaline mineral compounds that have an alkaline effect in the overacidified body.

An overacidified body produced by fasting and diets

A diet and the total abstinence of food during fasting lead to essential changes in the acid-base balance and can therefore be the cause of acidosis. An overacidified body arise if fat is degraded. During the degradation of fat, the so-called keto acids develop. An acidosis then emerges that causes a deterioration in the whole metabolic performance. The “dieting crisis” that appears in most cases after a few days is the consequence of an overacidified body not obtaining enough alkaline mineral compounds. To avoid this, a sufficient supply of fruit, vegetables and salad has to be ensured or some support with an alkaline dietary supplement has to be provided.

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