Active Dietary Accompaniment with Basica

Losing weight and feeling good at the same time succeeds best if the diet is in keeping with the acid-base balance. Important requirements for a successful weight loss are a stable acid-alkaline balance and a functioning metabolism. Basica® accompanies a diet and thereby provides the body with alkaline mineral substances and valuable micro-nutrients.

The acid-base balance when losing weight

When losing weight, the body needs to make use of its fat reserves due to the reduced food intake. This desirable fat reduction results in the formation of so-called keto acids however, this in turn resulting in an increase in the acid level in the body. The excess acid burdens the metabolism, makes fat reduction more difficult and ultimately causes a diet crisis. The fact that one eats less when on a diet results in the alkaline mineral substances that are required to reduce excess acid, lacking in the diet. If the diet is accompanied by Basica®, the acid-base balance is retained when losing weight, despite the increased acid burden. This results in optimal requirements for the regulation of the body weight being created in the metabolism.

The diet accompaniment with Basica®

The body should be provided with alkaline mineral substances in order to ensure that excess acid does not block the weight loss. The reduction of subcutaneous fat results in excess acid forming in the body, this being able to decelerate the reduction of fat. The alkaline mineral substances and valuable micronutrients in Basica® neutralise the excess acid and thereby relieve the strained metabolism. During a diet, the active reduction of acid with Basica® ensures that the weight loss blockage in the body is cleared.

Basica Direkt® and Basica Compact® are especially good diet companions: both of these products are sugar-free and can be taken fast and easily – independent from meals. Basica Direkt®, the alkaline micro-pearls for direct intake without water, are ideal for you when you are on the road. Basica Compact®, the alkaline tablets for swallowing can be practically taken at home or at the office.

When switching to a calorie-reduced diet, the body reacts with tiredness and a lack of concentration. If the balanced nutrition should be lacking during a diet, Basica® restores the balance and stabilises the acid-base balance, reduces tiredness and exhaustion and at the same time, supports the mental vitality.

The "Aktive Diätbegleitung mit Basica" brochure provides practical tips and recipes for 9 days that make it easier for you to lose weight in an acid-base balance.

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